Achievement System

With the rise of the play-to-earn economy and more blockchain games coming out, increasingly large numbers of guilds and scholars are participating in play-to-earn games. We've seen that the process of vetting scholars is extremely difficult for almost all guilds, while players do not have a place to demonstrate their efforts and achievements in game as well. We foresee that it is crucial to create a universal identity and standards for players. Thus, we are building an universal achievement system for web3 gamers across all blockchain games.

Rentero Official Badge

The Rentero Badge is a non-transferable NFT that represents your identity in the Metaverse. After minting our Rentero Badge, your in-game activities, efforts and achievements will be tracked by our protocol.

The badge is an NFT that must be minted with a wallet that supports both Ethereum and Polygon Network, such as MetaMask. In order to minimize the gas fee, we choose to mint our badge on Polygon.

Performance Tracker

How do we track in-game data?

  • Player must register on Rentero Platform and mint a Rentero Badge

  • Must use a wallet that supports both Ethereum, Polygon and other L2 solutions

  • When borrowing game assets, Rentero will assign an whitelisted wallet address and a game account to the player (In the future, other supported blockchain game accounts and corresponding blockchain address will be assigned as well )

  • Our protocol will track all in-game activities on connected wallet addresses and Rentero assigned addresses. When game assets are returned, corresponding in-game activities and achievements data are stored in the metadata field of the Rentero Official Badge

How is scholar's achievement measured?

  • Player achievement system

    • Universal achievement system:analyze in-game data for all supported blockchain games and give out a Metaverse Achievement Score(MVA® Score) based on evaluation

    • Achievement system for a specific game: analyze in-game data for a specific game and give out a Metaverse Achievement Score(MVA® Score) based on evaluation

  • Performance metrics

    • R: In-game rating system

    • T: Total earning

    • E: Earning efficiency

    • A: Activeness

  • Metaverse Achievement Score(MVA® Score)

    • In order to make a prediction from these indicators, we will calculate a multivariate logistic regression. The indicators above would be represented as a vector x = (x1, x2, x3, x4). Each indicator will also have a corresponding weight such that our logic is:

    • g(x) = β0 + β1x1 + β2x2 + ... + β4x4

    • and our regression is expressed by R(u) = e g(u)/( 1 + e g(u) )where β0 is an offset, βi is the weight for the xi indicator, and u is a user on the network.

      The final calculated score will be scaled up so that it is between 0 and 100. The weights, indicators, and indicator categories will be subject to a vote on the Rentero Platform.

  • Axie Infinity performance metrics

    • In-game rating system: MMR ranking

    • Total earning: Ranking for total SLP earned

    • Earning efficiency: Ranking for average SLP earned per active day

    • Activeness:

      • Active days/Account lifetime

      • Number of active days in the past 30 days

      • Battles per day

  • Support others games

    • We will adapt similar performance metrics for other games in order to generate an universal achievement score for blockchain gamers

Cross-chain support

  • Currently we support all blockchain games on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and other L2 solutions

  • In the future, we plan to support Gala, IMX and other blockchain such as Solana and Avalanche

Redeemable NFT Badge Module

Redeemable NFT Badge Module allows game developers and our partners to create a NFT campaign that only users who meet certain criteria can redeem the NFT.

For example, a scholar who accomplishes 500 SLP within a single day can mint a special NFT.

Discord & Twitter Plugin

Discord and Twitter plugin for gamers to display their in-game achievements.

By linking with Discord and Twitter, gamers can be identified and evaluated by guilds easily when apply to be scholars.

Dedicated Gamer Profile Page

'LinkedIn for web3 gamers', Gamer Profile page is an aggregation of all your footprints in the Metaverse: game playing history, in-game activities, MVA® Score, Rentero Game Badges, game assets, and etc.

Incentive layer for web3 games

Inflationary rewards will be given to allocated to participants on Rentero Platform. The amount of Inflationary rewards will be halving every year. The rewards are rewarded every epoch(every 30 days) to all active scholars on the platform.

Rent Token Earned by a scholar = yield generated by a scholar / total yield generated by all active scholars on Rentero Platform (during a 30-days epoch)

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