Phase 1: Game assets lending protocol & achievement system for web3 gamers

Scaling game assets supply is a crucial part for bringing more players to join the virtual world. We foresee that there will be a large amount of investors/guilds holding idle game assets at times, with our lending and borrowing protocol, we can help the ecosystem to maximize the utility of virtual assets. Thus, lower the barriers for new players to join the Metaverse.

Furthermore, to maximum yields generated from play-to-earn games, investors and guild must be able to select the best scholars from all the gamers. So we decide to build an universal achievement system, MVA® Score, for all blockchain games so that gamers' in-game performance can be easily tracked and shown.

  • Game assets lending protocol

  • Track blockchain game performance with on-chain blockchain game data

  • Discord and Twitter plugin to help gamers be identified and evaluated by guilds when apply to be scholars

  • Redeemable NFT Badge Module

  • Dedicated Gamer Profile Page

Phase 2: Incentive layer for all blockchain games

On top of the rewards that players earned from play-to-earn games, our protocol gives out its native token as extra bonus to players from participating in-game activities and completing tasks on our platforms.

This incentive layer can attract a large amount of users to our platform and bootstrap them to flow into blockchain games.

Phase 3: Cross-chain lending and performance tracking

Play-to-earn games are already being developed on many blockchains, we foresee that Ethereum will not be the only place where blockchain games strive. So we focus on enabling cross-chain support for our lending protocol and gamer achievement system.

Phase 4: Play-to-earn DAO

We aim to become the infrastructure to support the interoperability across the Metaverse.

We will launch our game assets and token launchpad program, helping games to reach mass adoption. We serve as a gateway to the virtual world, so that players can discover blockchain games, join guilds, borrow assets from investors on our platform.

By bringing players, guilds, investors and games into one whole community, we hope to become the biggest DAO in the play-to-earn industry.

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