Our protocol adopts the dual token model, Rent Token is for incentivizing players to play blockchain games while another token is for governance and earning passive income through staking.

Rent Token

On top of the rewards that players earned from play-to-earn games, our protocol gives out its native token as extra bonus to players from participating in-game activities and completing tasks on our platforms. Just like liquidity mining as the novel way to attract the participation of DeFi protocols, our bonus program acts as an incentive layer that can bootstrap a large amount of users to flow into blockchain games.

Reward Token is an utility token with unlimited supply that can be used for paying gas fee and platform fee on Rentero and getting free NFT drops, early access to games (exclusive benefits from our partner blockchain games). It can also be used for paying gaming services or NFT drops on our platform. Our protocol also includes a buyback-and-burn mechanism. It uses 20% fees generated from lending protocol to buyback-and-burn Rewards Token to further adds to the price stability of the asset.

Rent Token can be used for:

  • Stake Rent Token to borrow assets from the protocol;

  • Pay gas fee and platform fee to rent assets from the protocol;

  • Early access to games (exclusive benefits from our partner blockchain games);

  • Paying for gaming services on the platform(exclusive content, services, events);

  • An allocation of game assets or token launch offers from our launchpad;

  • Spend Rent Tokens to purchase special game assets and exclusive NFT collection;

  • and more to come;

Rentero Token

Rentero Token is not just a governance token with voting rights. More importantly, it is an index token that captures value of the Metaverse.

Rentero Token can be used for:

  • Stake for token rewards related to its overall activities;

  • Stake for rewards related to specific activities;

  • Stake to vote and participate in the DAO;

  • Provide liquidity for Rentero Token on DEX and stake LP token on our platform to earn yield;

Governance Token's value is derived by:

  • Yield gained from assets acquired by treasury;

  • Fee gained from our lending protocol;

  • Active investment in blockchain games;

  • Revenue generated from the sale of DAO-owned NFT assets;

  • % of APY token rewards generated from treasury’s farming activities;

  • NFT sales and IDOs;

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