Rentero Platform

The renting platform mainly consists of two roles, lender and renter. To maximize the yield generated from the games assets, we will also build an Achievement System to better demonstrate players' skill with on-chain game data.

NFT Lending

Everyone can lend their NFT assets and generate yield as passive income through a yield sharing mechanism. Lender transfers NFT assets to the platform’s lending pool under a custody agreement. The platform lists the NFT, finds the renter for it, transfers the NFTs to a platform-owned game account, and delivers the account login credentials to the renter. When the rental period is over, the platform retrieves the game account and the NFTs from the renter. The yield will be distributed between the lender, the renter, and the platform based on the agreed yield sharing terms.

Everyone can rent NFT assets listed on the platform by staking a certain amount of Rent Token when they determine how long they will rent the NFT for. The Rent Token amount will be suggested by the platform through an algorithm that predicts a fair level of yield efficiency of a specific blockchain game. The lender may also set the stake amount regardless of the suggested rate. The staked Rent Token, after the rental period is over, will be unstaked. However, the staked Rent Token will be used to make up for the lender’s asked minimum return, if the lender’s share of the yield is less than that.

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