Lita - the biggest game companionship service platform in Southeast Asia


  • Over 1 million registered users(gamers)

  • Over 100k paid user

  • MAU 360k / DAU 50k

  • 10000+ verified and trained semi-pro gamers (mostly female gamers)

  • Over 100k waitlisted applications to join the platform

  • Over 200k game service transactions per month

  • 2021 revenue 2M+ USD/2022 projected revenue 15M+ USD

Marketing resources targeting Southeast Asia gamers

  • Worked with over 100 Top Gaming Influencers

    • Over 30M views on Youtube

    • Over 70M views on Tiktok

  • Lita official social media(FB/TT/Instagram): 100k+ total followers

  • 6 Discord servers with over 6000 members

Local team

  • Local operation teams based in Indonesia,Malaysia,Vietnam,Thailand

  • Experienced with training and managing gamers

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